Summer Fashion Ideas  2022

In Summer You want to wear loosely & comfortable Garments. That’s why we  suggested  to you the best  summer fashion ideas . Several people love the summer season.and some people hate the summertime.sometimes summer clothes are very fashionable. Feeling comfortable is just as important as looking want to wear dresses like you  do not feel heat or humidity. In summer perfect comfortable flowy dresses and loose dresses.

summer fashion

 In summer you wear Cotton kurtis , short’s, T-shirt, Loose Top or Tank Top, one piece ,Sundresses etc. In your vacation you wear cotton dresses . like you also wear a kaftan , Jumpsuit .fancy top and pants, two piece garment.

  Indian married women wear kurti palazzo sets, kruti straight pants,and long dresses. In summer everyone wants to go to the beach. On the beach you like to wear pretty one piece shorts and a tank top ,use nature print flower print dresses..

                                           In summer we recommend you use a flower print dress that looks attractive to people. Use light colors in dresses. Also wear fashionable slippers, you make yourself comfortable . In summer you really take care of your skin and use daily decrease your tan and make your skin glowing in summer. 

Use Light Weight Fabric of Clothes  

In Summer if you wear light weight fabric , you feel more comfortable while you go outside or at work. Use synthetic, cotton, rayon ,georgette  fabric dresses.

Light wear fabric Dresses.

Protect yourself from UV rays in Fashionable ways

Heat prostration is very high in summer . It is Dangerous  for our health. Clothing is the best way  to cover yourself and also protect  from heat prostration.

 In summer  you can’t avoid going outside, but you can wear  different types of sunglasses , hats , and gloves to cover yourself. You also wear a scarf . If you wear this scarf in a different style you look stunning

Protect yourself from UV rays in Fashionable ways
Protect yourself from UV rays in Fashion

In summer if you wear skin tight dresses, it absorbs heat easily that mens you become sweaty easily. And you feel uncomfortable. You can wear loose and flowy dresses like maxi short or long dresses. You can wear sleeveless top kruti. Also use off shoulder dresses. Girls can wear a shirt and loose top , t-shirt, and skirt top. It passes air easily .

Avoid Tight Dresses

Avoid tight dresses


Comfy  for your foot 

In summer you wear  Comfortable Footwear. you feel relaxed .If you wear uncomfortable footwear, you get sweaty. That’s why you use lightweight footwear. You wear footwear like Sandals, fashionable slippers, cotton shoes. Following image are summer fashion trends footwear.

summer footware
summer footware

Wear light colors of Dresses

In summer you just avoid black and red cherry color , because they absorb the heat. Use most light colors in summer : white, sky blue, baby pink. They reflect the sunlights. wear simple summer dress.

Use light colour
use light color dresses

To protect  your skin

In summer everyone is tired of the sun. Because in summer the temperature is so high. It is a  chance to become tan. It’s time to protect your skin from sun rays. Most use sunscreen in summer. And also use body lotion .If you go to beach on summer most important to protect our skin . that’s why we recommended  to you some types of sunscreen are 

to protect your skin
use this types of sunscreen

Mamaearth sunscreen, Lakme sun expert,Lotus safe sun,wow sunscreen,oliva moisturizing sunscreen,Nivea sun,photoblock gel etc help to make this summer a glowing look.

The lotions are vlcc fair +glow sunscreen lotion,Himalaya herbals protective sunscreen lotion ,Vaseline healthy bright sun protection body lotion ,Nivea sun lotion.

to protect your skin

Tips :- Generation wise summer fashion dresses ideas

  1. Kids : kids wear crop top ,shorts,maxies, frock, one piece short -long.jeans ,t shirts,jumpsuits,skirts
summer fashion trend idea
  1. women : kruties, kurti with palazzo set , kaftan, one piece,punjabi suits, T shirts, pant , tops ,shirts,two piece dresses,skirt tops,flowy dresses.
summer  fashion trends
summer collection

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